08 May 2017

Botox Injections Help for Migraines

Botox Injections Help for Migraines

Many of us have looked towards Botox injections as a way to hide wrinkles and other signs of aging. Yet, we never think about the other benefits that Botox injections may have. Scientific studies have discovered that Botox is far more than just a beauty treatment. It is also an effective treatment for chronic migraine sufferers.

Botox can help alleviate migraines

Botox injections have been proven to alleviate symptoms of migraines. Not only does Botox injections decrease the occurrence of migraines, but is also lowers the severity thereof. It’s not fully understood why, but Botox has a pain-relief effect during migraines. Studies have shown that migraine sufferers who had undergone. Botox treatments not only experienced reduced headache symptoms and decreased headache-related disability, but also an improved health-related quality of life. Even with just two cycles of Botox injections, patients experienced fewer migraines per months, less severe migraines as well as shorter periods of migraines per month. All of these positive results also meant an improvement in overall quality of life. It was also found that patients who have received more Botox treatments had overall better results in terms of fighting migraine and headache symptoms.

Scientists aren’t sure why Botox helps with pain relief

Scientists have found that Botox injections help with pain relief beyond the realm of migraines, but they still aren’t sure how the pain-relief powers of this famous beauty treatment drug works. Yet, they have found that Botox helps relief pain for a range of conditions including lower back pain.

Regardless of whether the scientists understand why Botox work as a pain killer or not – there is overwhelming evidence that this beauty treatment also has other clinical benefits. Not only can Botox provide a smooth, youthful, confidence-boosting skin, it can also improve the quality of life of migraine sufferers. Now that’s an effective treatment!

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