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08 May 2017

Guys, Get Your Botox Here

Guys, Get Your Botox Here

A new 2016 study by the Society for Aesthetic Surgery showed that more and more men opt in for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. In fact, these figures have increased by 44% from 2011. Botox is a very popular option – over 4 million Botox injections have been administered in 2015. Men currently account for 15% of Botox users.

Some attribute this phenomenon to social media. The American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported that more people are aware of their flaws now that their faces are all over social media. The report stated that the effect of social media on people’s decisions to undergo facial cosmetic procedures are “real and powerful.”

According to Dr Kennith Steinsapir from California, more and more 55-year and older patients are coming in for Botox injections. He reckons that this is due to older men working in an increasingly younger workforce and that they feel the need to compete. Having a more youthful visage gives older men the confidence to compete in a business world where age and experience no longer carry as much clout as it has in the past. Another major advantage of Botox for men is that they don’t have to take time off work – the recovery time is virtually zero.

Men can be treated with the same Botox techniques as women, although they would have to come in for more injections. Men tend to need double the dose that women require to wipe away frown lines. There are other ways in which men need special attention during Botox procedures. For example, men tend to have lower brows and incorrect injections can cause brow lines to drop even further. Doctors are still working out the details regarding the difference between administering Botox to men and women.

Recent trends show that the requirement for Botox treatment for men is still on the rise and is not likely to decline anytime soon.

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