Dental Mouthguard

Smiles New York also specializes in the fabrication of a variety of dental appliances to help with common dental problems. We produce night guards to prevent teeth grinding, sports guards to protect contact sports players against dental damage and sleep apnea devices to help those who suffer from sleep apnea to breathe more easily during the night while they sleep.


Teeth grinding is a common dental problem which mostly occurs at night during sleep. Night guards are helpful to protect your teeth against grinding. There are several signs that a dentist will look out for to determine whether you need a night guard: abnormal wear patterns, fractured teeth, broken or work dental restorations, tooth sensitivity, worn tooth enamel and soft tissue trauma. Once the dentist has determined that you are in fact due for a night guard, he or she will take custom impressions of your teeth and fabricate a night guard that perfectly fits your teeth and oral cavity.


It’s easy to sustain an injury to your mouth or teeth during a game of contact sport if you don’t wear a sports guard. Games like football, ice hockey, basketball and even some non-contact sports all carry the risk of mouth injuries. Sports guards are designed to protect your teeth during sporting events. Sports guards can be created for youths and adults. We fabricate our sports guards to fit your teeth perfectly, unlike the generic sports guards that you would find in a sporting equipment store. The emphasis is to use the right material for proper protection, comfort, and stability.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a condition that affects about 24% of men and 9% of women. It’s a condition where your breathing pauses or even stops for a moment while you are asleep. It’s a serious condition that can be life-threatening. Oral Appliance Therapy is one of the types of therapies that are used for sleep apnea. It looks similar to a sports guard; it snaps over your upper and lower teeth and assists breathing during sleep by keeping the tongue and jaw in a forward position, which allows the airway to remain open. It works very well for many patients and allows patients to sleep more peacefully and to wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep apnea oral appliances are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly to give you full confidence for uneventful sleeping.
Smiles New York produces high quality, customized oral protective devices such as night guards, sports guards and sleep apnea devices. If you need any of these devices, talk to one of our experienced dentists about your needs, and we will customize a device that will keep you safe from teeth grinding, sporting injuries or sleep apnea.