10 Jun 2017

Why Visit Your Dentist Today?

Two Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Today

Hands up who likes to go to the dentist? Be honest. A poll showed that only around 60% of Americans visit the dentist every year. The non-attenders mostly coming from lower to middle-income groups. It’s alarming that a third of the US population simply doesn’t attend to their oral health. Yet there are two very compelling reasons to go to the dentist.

Periodontal disease

Periodontitis is a severe gum disease that not only attacks your gums but also the tissue and bones beneath your gums. It is caused by bacteria that lives in the plaque on your gums. Regular visits to the dentists include screenings for periodontitis. If you have been naughty and have neglected your gums, a dentist can treat gum disease by scaling or by prescribing antibiotics to tackle the bacteria that lives on your pearly whites.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer usually appears a sore or growth in your mouth that doesn’t disappear. According to the American Cancer Society, men are more likely to get oral cancer. While smoking and excessive drinking contribute to the development of oral cancer, 25% of people with oral cancer do not drink or smoke, so everyone is at risk. By going for regular dental check-ups, you increase the chance of spotting oral cancer while it’s still treatable. The American Cancer Society recommends oral cancer screenings every 3 years for individuals over the age of 20 and every year for those over the age of 40 years.

So, the bottom line is that even though you might not like the idea of going to the dentist, not going for regular check-ups means that two very serious dental diseases can go undetected. And besides, going for regular dental check-ups will ensure that you maintain a healthy, happy smile that you can confidently show off to those around you.

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